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We interviewed Shin, who manages robot control, Mujin’s core technology, as a robotics engineer. ーーWhat kind of job is a “robotics engineer”? Mujin makes software that enables industrial robots to move. We plan robots’ movements and design robot control.
ーー What project is memorable to you? One of my most memorable projects is the automation of unloading boxes at PALTAC’s logistics center.
In the field of robotics, even if something theoretically goes well, in many cases it fails in reality because it doesn’t just end with software, involving hardware. At the scene, a gap of only several millimeters resulted in failure to recognize boxes and collision. We found out new facts through several thousand times of testing at the scene.
Furthermore, we had to achieve success rates higher than 99.9% in order to obtain permission for practical use. As a result, we worked at the scene for almost a month. I felt a huge sense of fulfillment when the operation began successfully, and was impressed when w…

Media: Reason of rapid growth of Mujin, the leading company of random picking automation

Mujin’s CEO Issei Takino’s interview article was featured on Nikkei X Tech / Nikkei Monozukuri.

It is an interesting article explaining Mujin’s technology, strategy, and “gemba”-oriented thoughts.

Reason of rapid growth of Mujin, the leading company of random picking automation (Japanese)

Media: Mujin was ranked top in the fund raising amount ranking of the first half of 2019

Mujin was ranked top in the fund raising amount ranking of the first half of 2019 (Jan-June) by Nikkei Business Daily.

"Investment for startup companies in the first half of 2019"
19年上期のスタートアップ向け投資、人気は「実業系」 (Japanese)

Prime Minister's Office of Japan made a movie about Mujin

The Government of Japan introduced Mujin on their website as one of the representing innovations from Japan.
The explanation of Mujin's technology, its social significance, and the founders' ideas and aspirations are concisely explained making it very easy to comprehend.
A Japanese start-up has overturned conventional norms about industrial robots, using motion planning AI. The controlling device developed by Mujin Inc. enables picking robots to independently calculate their movements without time-consuming programming by human.
Their technology is transforming manufacturing and distribution sites, shifting strenuous labor to robots and allowing people to focus on more creative tasks.
Please take a look!

Mujin celebrated its 8th anniversary on July 6th, 2019!

Mujin celebrated its 8th anniversary on July 6th, 2019!

Mujin has grown into a company of 100 members thanks to our clients, partnering companies, passionate Mujin members and their supportive families.

With the attendance of our employees and families, not only did we take the opportunity to celebrate our accomplishments and growth, but our founders expressed their deepest gratitude to the entire team that contributed to the amazing achievements reached this year.

While they reflected on the past year, they also shared the goals in which we hope to achieve together in the near future.

Every year new challenges continue to emerge as we continue to grow, but Mujin will continue to work passionately to enhance worldwide productivity and contribute to society. Thank you!

Tsinghua University Student Office Tour

7 computer science students from Tsinghua University, the prestigious university in China, visited the Mujin office!

Starting with technical explanations from our Mujin engineers, from showing live demonstrations of our industrial solutions powered by the Mujin controller to exchanging casual conversation over lunch from our office buffet, we hope we were able to provide a fun-filled experience!

We feel that interacting with such energetic, driven and enthusiastic students also had a refreshing and positive influence on our Mujin engineers as well.

Thank you for choosing to visit Mujin and we hope the day was an enjoyable one!

BBQ with Mujin families

Mujin members and their families had a BBQ together! A very warm thank you to everyone who joined us for our BBQ party.

As always, we had a great time together and it was a wonderful gathering with friends and families. Also, it was a good opportunity for our newest members to get know Mujin employees better and to talk with CEO to get to know our company better.
Although robotics software is lots of fun, it is also a very challenging field which requires hard work. Therefore, fun events like these are very nice ways get in a breather and a great team bonding opportunity.

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