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Team bonding: brewery tour

Since we are all gathered and living in Japan, why not experience the culture together  Japan’s culture lies in Sake production. Blessed wit quality water and a climate that is very suitable for rice growing, Japan has been producing Sake from rice for more than a thousand years. Mujin employees enjoyed sake tour last year! 
The tour starts with the brewery CEO thanking you for coming as well as talking a little about the tour itself. He told us that the previous weekend they had a couple people who didn’t make it and were so drunk that they had a tough time helping them home. One person was stuck at the brewery till 7 p.m., so they were probably passed out for a few hours.

The tour then heads into the main brewery. The CEO was conducting most of the tour and explained about the brewery process.  He was pretty funny and explained that the rice used in sake brewery had a unique smell. After the starches are broken down by the koji mould, it has a similar smell to natto (fermented soybea…

Living in Japan - a challenge for foreign residents

In Mujin we have employees from 20 different nationalities, we are pretty diverse and share our own interests, habits, and characteristics. And the best thing about us is that we are all equal, we are engaging with an open mind without any racial critics. And we are all communicating in English! By using one language employees communicating freely with each other across border and culture, improving productivity and sharing of ideas. In Mujin we strive to support our internationals living in Japan through our friendly Japanese and foreign coworkers’ personal experience and knowledge.
But this is Mujin, and what about the country itself?
The charm of Japan is constantly growing in western world. Recently, Japan became popular not only for the best-known subculture (anime, manga or the kawaii culture), but also for its unique traditions. More and more people would like to live in the county of Geisha and Samurai.

What makes this country challenging?
You have to consider various practica…

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