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Saint Valentine's Day at Mujin

Happy Valentine's Day 💝
Today we had a Valentine celebration during the lunch time! While Mujin family is growing very fast, we value such warm-hearted culture.
At our lunch, our chef also prepared delicious hot chocolate, chocolate cake and brownie, and we enjoyed the atmosphere!
We all have friends at work! Valentine's Day isn't just for romance! Celebrating Valentine's Day in the office is a a chance to celebrate the vitality of workplace friendships. We decorate our dining and participated in special Valentines activities.

We share our “workplace love”! We use sticky notes to leave some warm messages to our friends  at Mujin whom we offer our heartfelt thanks and appreciation! So many meaningful messages, love it!
One more activity is a cookie decoration! We provide small heart shaped cookies and special deco pen for icing. Looks like our employees have so much fun while doing it! Most of them draw hearts and immediately eat it (no time for the photo 😆), some of…

Team bonding: brewery tour

Since we are all gathered and living in Japan, why not experience the culture together  Japan’s culture lies in Sake production. Blessed wit quality water and a climate that is very suitable for rice growing, Japan has been producing Sake from rice for more than a thousand years. Mujin employees enjoyed sake tour last year! 
The tour starts with the brewery CEO thanking you for coming as well as talking a little about the tour itself. He told us that the previous weekend they had a couple people who didn’t make it and were so drunk that they had a tough time helping them home. One person was stuck at the brewery till 7 p.m., so they were probably passed out for a few hours.

The tour then heads into the main brewery. The CEO was conducting most of the tour and explained about the brewery process.  He was pretty funny and explained that the rice used in sake brewery had a unique smell. After the starches are broken down by the koji mould, it has a similar smell to natto (fermented soybea…

Forming stronger bonds at team dinner

The most valuable resources Mujin has are its human resources. And we believe in showing employees how valuable they are to the company. When morale is high, employees tend to be more motivated means engaged. People want to work at a place that lives up to its mission statement and makes an effort to reward and validate its employees
Engaged employees are an active part of the company culture. They are excited to come to work and put in their best effort because they feel valued and know the role they play in the company’s success. The retention rate is much higher for companies with employees who feel like they have good relationships within their team. Having a strong team bond is imperative to making sure the employees stick around.
And we found a solution in Mujin! HR team provide a new benefit for our valuable teams which have a great effect on maintaining open communication as Mujin is getting bigger and bigger very quickly, ensuring that people never feel divided. A great way…

It's that spooky time of year - Halloween!

What are Doraemon, Pikachu and Red Skull all doing in the same office?

They are enjoying workplace Halloween celebrations which gives employees an opportunity to defuse tension, take a well-earned break, and have some fun at work with co-workers!
The most important part of Halloween celebrations is not the specific events associated with the holiday, but the atmosphere of playfulness which inspires in workplaces.
And we all enjoyed it!

(And guess who is in Minion.... It was Issei - our CEO!)

Mujin celebrated its 8th anniversary on July 6th, 2019!

Mujin celebrated its 8th anniversary on July 6th, 2019!

Mujin has grown into a company of 100 members thanks to our clients, partnering companies, passionate Mujin members and their supportive families.

With the attendance of our employees and families, not only did we take the opportunity to celebrate our accomplishments and growth, but our founders expressed their deepest gratitude to the entire team that contributed to the amazing achievements reached this year.

While they reflected on the past year, they also shared the goals in which we hope to achieve together in the near future.

Every year new challenges continue to emerge as we continue to grow, but Mujin will continue to work passionately to enhance worldwide productivity and contribute to society. Thank you!

BBQ with Mujin families

Mujin members and their families had a BBQ together! A very warm thank you to everyone who joined us for our BBQ party.

As always, we had a great time together and it was a wonderful gathering with friends and families. Also, it was a good opportunity for our newest members to get know Mujin employees better and to talk with CEO to get to know our company better.
Although robotics software is lots of fun, it is also a very challenging field which requires hard work. Therefore, fun events like these are very nice ways get in a breather and a great team bonding opportunity.

Cooking class by our chef

We had a cooking class at our office, and our chef taught us how to make delicious sweets!

Mujin employees and their families were invited, and we all enjoyed cooking and eating together!
We are lucky to have a professional French chef at Mujin, who makes delicious lunch and even teaches us to cook nice dishes.

Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day <3

Today we had a Valentine surprise from MUJIN ladies with gratitude.
At our lunch, our chef also prepared delicious hot chocolate, and we enjoyed the atmosphere!
While MUJIN family is growing very fast, we value such warm-hearted culture 

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