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Working at Mujin: An Intern's Perspective

We would like to get an inside look at how different roles contribute to Mujin’s success. Mujin Internship Program is designed to match students interested in pursuing career in robotics field with Internship opportunities spanning a variety of technologies. Today I talked with Tab, who is an intern in Hardware team at Mujin and a graduate student at University of Illinois at Chicago.

What originally attracted you to Mujin? How did you become interested in robotics? I came to know Mujin through LinkedIn intern position and applied. And the first thing I noticed compared to other companies, is a large social media presence, which is very attractive to me. I’m a very extraverted person, so I can see Mujin is very transparent in this way too, which is important for me. Seems that in Mujin everyone knows the product, robots and everyone likes robots. 
 "I can see Mujin is very transparent"
What attracted me about Mujin itself is robotics and Japan. This combination, together, i…

“Invent valuable things with my own hands.” It has been my dream since childhood

A new interview article for Mujinian voice series! Today I talked with Nori, who is working as a System Integration Engineer at Mujin.

After graduating from the prestigious robotics laboratory, “JSK,” at the University of Tokyo, he gained valuable experience at major enterprises, and joined Mujin last year. While he has such a brilliant career, he is super friendly, and I enjoyed talking with him :)

ーー How did you become interested in robots and integration?

I’ve liked making things since I was small. I used to build a wood deck and shelves, or to fiddling cars with my father. From these experiences, I’ve been thinking that it would be great if I could work for inventing things which are helpful and make people excited.

When I entered the University of Tokyo, I had decided to go on to either architectural or mechanical field, which is related to making things.

Through lectures and laboratory visits during freshman, I realized architecture is more about art, while mechanics, especiall…

BMF: Big Mujin Fan!

We would like to get an inside look at how different roles contribute to Mujin’s success. Let’s start with the Human Resources division, which is responsible for a range of different functions. They recruit, screen, interview, train and place employees (Day 1: Each Person is Valuable)
Read on to learn more about Yuzuki, working for public relations and recruiting, who always smiles😀
Yuzuki’s career path Even though she loves her position, Yuzuki didn’t always dream of a career in recruiting/PR. When she was younger, she wanted to be a housewife. But then she found out she wanted to work closely with people.
Yuzuki has 5 years of experience working as a recruiter in Japan and overseas. During these years, she realized that to successfully hire talented people, being just a recruiter is not enough. She became interested in company branding and how it is important to communicate who you are and what you do to inspire them to get to know the reality of the company.
Yuzuki recalls that “W…

A place where you can contribute to customers by getting immersed in your interests

We interviewed Shin, who manages robot control, Mujin’s core technology, as a robotics engineer. ーーWhat kind of job is a “robotics engineer”? Mujin makes software that enables industrial robots to move. We plan robots’ movements and design robot control.
ーー What project is memorable to you? One of my most memorable projects is the automation of unloading boxes at PALTAC’s logistics center.
In the field of robotics, even if something theoretically goes well, in many cases it fails in reality because it doesn’t just end with software, involving hardware. At the scene, a gap of only several millimeters resulted in failure to recognize boxes and collision. We found out new facts through several thousand times of testing at the scene.
Furthermore, we had to achieve success rates higher than 99.9% in order to obtain permission for practical use. As a result, we worked at the scene for almost a month. I felt a huge sense of fulfillment when the operation began successfully, and was impressed when w…

The important thing is “wanting to make a company better” from the bottom of your heart

This is the first article of the Mujin employee interview series, "Mujinian voice"! I would like to introduce Kotomi from HR team today. 
Surprisingly, she entered Mujin this March and is only in her third month here. However, with her sweet smile and kindness to each and every employee, she is already an indispensable member of Mujin, at a sisterly position helping everyone.

We asked Kotomi “What she does as a member of the HR team”, “ Why she entered Mujin”, “What she feels working at Mujin”, and many more! ーーWhat kind of job do you do as a member of the HR team?  Mujin is a rapidly growing venture, and because of this it is necessary to improve the company’s systems reflecting the changes which occur inside the company.  I design and operate the company’s systems for our employees to work according to their strengths and in a comfortable environment.  Furthermore, half of Mujin’s employees are of foreign nationality. Life support, such as arranging visas and checking up …

Robotics is the Future - Engineer Interview

Mujin attracts engineers from all over the world.

Watch and find how they are passionate about their missions at Mujin!

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