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BMF: Big Mujin Fan!

We would like to get an inside look at how different roles contribute to Mujin’s success. Let’s start with the Human Resources division, which is responsible for a range of different functions. They recruit, screen, interview, train and place employees (Day 1: Each Person is Valuable)
Read on to learn more about Yuzuki, working for public relations and recruiting, who always smiles😀
Yuzuki’s career path Even though she loves her position, Yuzuki didn’t always dream of a career in recruiting/PR. When she was younger, she wanted to be a housewife. But then she found out she wanted to work closely with people.
Yuzuki has 5 years of experience working as a recruiter in Japan and overseas. During these years, she realized that to successfully hire talented people, being just a recruiter is not enough. She became interested in company branding and how it is important to communicate who you are and what you do to inspire them to get to know the reality of the company.
Yuzuki recalls that “W…

Hungry? There is a free lunch!

People connect over food - that’s why we meet friends, family, or dates for dinner or drinks. Sharing a meal brings us together and encouraged us to interact on a personal level.

Team building during lunch is a great way to increase cooperation within coworkers, improve communication among teams and, as a result, the power that comes when co-workers have fun together. That’s why one of the many benefits at Mujin is a free buffet-style lunch made fresh every day by our chef (please check our #benefits).

At Mujin, the original idea was to eliminate as many distractions as we can and continuously support our talents. All they have to do is think about coming in, and we, Mujin, take care of everything else they needed during the day.
But lunch time has become something more than just another meal. It has become a core part of our culture and employee satisfaction: it is a space for creativity, collaboration, and authenticity. Lunch time is now a venue for relationship building between te…

Speak & Lunch at Mujin

Just like how misunderstandings can occur in our daily lives, when we communicate with someone from a different background or culture, miscommunication within an organisation can be a big problem. The same problem might be understood or viewed differently by different employees. 
Imagine that all your employees come from different backgrounds (Diversity: everyone is unique) and speak different languages. It would be very difficult to communicate effectively. So, how do we deal with this? Clear communication within an organization is one of the keys to success. 
In Mujin, there are employees from 21 different countries. This fact makes Mujin a global company. A global company united by a common language.

During Speak&Lunch
It is said that people are shy to speak another language because they don’t want to make mistakes in front of others. At Mujin, we share two common languages: Japanese and English. Mujin provides weekly Japanese classes for those who want to learn, and to help so…

Diversity: everyone is unique

What is cultural diversity?

The Oxford Dictionary defines cultural diversity as "the existence of a variety of cultural or ethnic groups within a society". A diverse workforce employs people from all walks of life: all  backgrounds, genders, ages, races, religions, and abilities.

Our team at Mujin is composed of members with 21 different nationalities. We all came from different cultural background, we all have different lifestyle, and our way of communication is also quiet different. We all have our own stereotype about each country, even if we hear or read something about a certain culture. It’s important to realize that this doesn’t mean everyone from that particular background acts/thinks/believes the same thing.  

In Mujin we encourage our employees to get to know each other better where we can do our own research and learn about people, understand how each person is unique and valuable for Mujin.  We don't judge each other's political, religious or national vie…

Day 1 : Each Person is Valuable

Every person in Mujin family plays a vital role and is directly responsible for the company’s success.
As we continue to grow our team, it’s our goal to not only find people who will add to our culture, but also ensure that they are set up for a successful wellbeing at Mujin for the long term.

Our onboarding process starts before someone even gets a job offer. We make every potential candidate feel welcomed from the first knock to Mujin doors. Finding candidates who have the right skills and who are also great culture is a very difficult job made by our professional recruiting team.
Once an offer accepted, Mujin HR team reaches out before the first day to provide a rundown of Day 1 to ensure new employees know what to expect and not be nervous. Coming into an office like ours is like entering into a family, and we want every new person coming in feels a part of it. Mainly, on the Day 1 HR team sits down with newcomers to go over Mujin’s history, people and processes that make M…

The important thing is “wanting to make a company better” from the bottom of your heart

This is the first article of the Mujin employee interview series, "Mujinian voice"! I would like to introduce Kotomi from HR team today. 
Surprisingly, she entered Mujin this March and is only in her third month here. However, with her sweet smile and kindness to each and every employee, she is already an indispensable member of Mujin, at a sisterly position helping everyone.

We asked Kotomi “What she does as a member of the HR team”, “ Why she entered Mujin”, “What she feels working at Mujin”, and many more! ーーWhat kind of job do you do as a member of the HR team?  Mujin is a rapidly growing venture, and because of this it is necessary to improve the company’s systems reflecting the changes which occur inside the company.  I design and operate the company’s systems for our employees to work according to their strengths and in a comfortable environment.  Furthermore, half of Mujin’s employees are of foreign nationality. Life support, such as arranging visas and checking up …

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Hungry? There is a free lunch!