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The Prime Minister’s Award of Japan Open Innovation Prize!

“Intelligent Robot Controller Development,” which Mujin has worked with 8 major robot makers, was awarded the Prime Minister Award, the highest rank of the 2nd Japan Open Innovation Prize by the Cabinet Office. 

Intelligent Robot Controller Development
Collaborating with 8 major robot makers such as The Yaskawa Electric Corporation, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., Nachi-Fujikoshi Corp., Mujin has worked on the first open innovation in the robotics field to create new market but not to compete for existing market. We have developed “Intelligent Robot Controllers (Mujin Controllers),” designated as a common platform for industrial robots, and enabled robots to move without programming.
As a result, we realized process automation which has never been possible before as well as simplifying  and reducing the cost of implementation.
The Japan Open Innovation Prize
This award is to promote open innovation in order to accelerate innovations  in Japan by  presenting…

Award: JSME Medal for New Technology 2018

MUJIN won a new award called Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Award for "Development and Commercialization of Completely Teachless/ Intelligent Robot Controller"!  The result represents all the efforts the entire MUJIN has put.

JSME Medal for New TechnologyTechnology:Development and Commercialization of Completely Teachless/ Intelligent Robot ControllerDevelopment and Commercialization of Completely Teachless/ Intelligent Robot ControllerIn Japan, despite desperate shortage of workers due to declining labor force, automation by industrial robots is not an easy path. 
The biggest challenge when implementing these robots is “teaching.” This is the process in which robots are programmed their every move, and it is necessary each time their objects change. 

The teaching process was a huge obstacle for the implementation, especially in the logistics industry due to its multi-type, rapidly changing products. The “Completely Teachless/ Intelligent Robot Controller”made this proce…

Award: 61st Ten Greatest New Product Award – Japan Brand Award

MUJIN's Piece Picking Solution received the 61st "Ten Greatest New Products Award: Japan Brand Award."
Okuma's new robot system called "ARMROID" which has MUJIN's technology inside won the award too!

Japan Brand Award: This award is for the new products which have competitive technology in the world or enhance the brand of "Made by Japanese company. "

(The picture is provided by Nikkan Daily News.)

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