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Introduced as an innovative company by the Government of Japan

Mujin was featured in Moving Forward: Japan Innovating the Future by the Government of Japan!We have been selected as one of the companies producing cutting-edge technologies that achieve “one-of-a-kind” status or become giants in global niche markets.There, we have been introduced to the world as a company providing innovative solutions in logistics. There are 3 videos Mujin appears:
▼Innovating Future: Intelligent Robot Controller - Mujin's introduction

▼Innovating Future: Logistics Solution

▼Moving Forward: Technology for Resilience (Mujin appears 4 times!)

Mujin was featured on Bloomberg: Surprising Technologies are Changing Logistics and Production in Japan

Mujin was featured on Bloomberg as a company that is revolutionizing logistics.The company is using motion planning technology to "breathe life into robots". Manual teaching work, which involved manually moving a robot while recording its trajectory, is not required when using Mujin technology. This allows the robot to think and move (teachless). The automation which was not possible before now is a reality.Check the full article: Surprising Technologies are Changing Logistics and Production in Japan

Mujin is proud to announce our Vision and Core Values

In 2011, the Mujin workforce consisted of a couple of guys in a garage nursing a mad determination to disrupt the factory automation market, which did not exist at that time (Mujin Story).In 2020, Mujin has more than 100 employees and went overseas. As we watch more and more companies leverage our technology, we’re proud not only of our growth but also of the fact that we’ve grown without compromising our core values.Highlighting an exciting period of growth and to better position the company going forward, Mujin has developed a vision statement and new Mujin core values to reflect an evolved business structure, strategy, and way of working with our customers, partners, and employees. On the occasion of our 9th Anniversary, we’re sharing those values publicly for the first time.Mujin VisionLiberate humans from manual labor to make them focus on creativity, innovation, and making the world a better place.
Mujin Core Value - THINK LIKE OWNERS1. Innovate with the highest speed and efficie…

Mujin's CEO, Issei Takino, has been selected as one of the "100 people transforming business in Asia" by Business Insider

We are proud to announce that our CEO, Issei Takino, has been selected as one of the "100 people transforming business in Asia" by Business Insider. He was selected based on his visionary perspective and the fact that he is making an innovative difference in manufacturing industry.Transforming Business | 300 People transforming businessThe Business Insider is spotlighting visionaries who are driving innovative changes in their own companies that resonate across their industry.Take a look at these 100 people who are changing the world: Business Insider

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