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Good coffee at the workplace - it's possible with Mujin!

For many people, coffee is a significant part of their lives. This has become very popular with many people liking the convenience it provides. Being able to buy a coffee and then drink it on the go from a fresh clean cup is an amazing feeling. But how to get coffee during the working hours? Just serve the best coffee to employees!
Mujin employees
At Mujin we provide brewed fresh coffee whenever our employees or guests want it. This coffee culture was born together with the Mujin birth. Mujin CTO, Rosen, brought this culture to life. We are serving not just coffee but "the best" coffee, which is reflecting one of the Mujin culture, "Pursue the Highest Quality."
Rosen is a true coffee lover. He always starts his day with black coffee made in a Mujin way upgraded coffee machine. This machine (currently we two) we called internally “Rosen’s child”. It is a fancy fully automatic coffee machine “Jura” filled with high-quality fresh coffee beans. It guarantees the perfec…

Mujin CEO, Issei, was a special lecturer at the University of Tokyo

Issei was a special lecturer at a class called "Entrepreneur Dojo" at the University of Tokyo (Todai), where students could learn more about entrepreneurship and startups. The lecture was done online due to COVID-19. 
Based on the experience of running his own company, Issei talked to more than 400 students about the history of starting a business and how to make a strategy. 
The importance of company management1. A sense of stabilityThere are always risks associated with new businesses. A common cause of a venture’s failure is the failure of the relationships between founders. When Issei agreed to start a business together with Rosen, the co-founder of Mujin, instead of thinking "Rosen will succeed", Issei was confident that "If Rosen fails, he is strong enough to start from the beginning"  (Mujin Story: Meet Mujin founders). 
Although they sometimes fight, the two founders of Mujin can proceed business without worry as they have to trust each other. 
Mujin …

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