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Diversity: everyone is unique

What is cultural diversity?

The Oxford Dictionary defines cultural diversity as "the existence of a variety of cultural or ethnic groups within a society". A diverse workforce employs people from all walks of life: all  backgrounds, genders, ages, races, religions, and abilities.

Our team at Mujin is composed of members with 21 different nationalities. We all came from different cultural background, we all have different lifestyle, and our way of communication is also quiet different. We all have our own stereotype about each country, even if we hear or read something about a certain culture. It’s important to realize that this doesn’t mean everyone from that particular background acts/thinks/believes the same thing.  

In Mujin we encourage our employees to get to know each other better where we can do our own research and learn about people, understand how each person is unique and valuable for Mujin.  We don't judge each other's political, religious or national vie…

Team bonding: brewery tour

Since we are all gathered and living in Japan, why not experience the culture together  Japan’s culture lies in Sake production. Blessed wit quality water and a climate that is very suitable for rice growing, Japan has been producing Sake from rice for more than a thousand years. Mujin employees enjoyed sake tour last year! 
The tour starts with the brewery CEO thanking you for coming as well as talking a little about the tour itself. He told us that the previous weekend they had a couple people who didn’t make it and were so drunk that they had a tough time helping them home. One person was stuck at the brewery till 7 p.m., so they were probably passed out for a few hours.

The tour then heads into the main brewery. The CEO was conducting most of the tour and explained about the brewery process.  He was pretty funny and explained that the rice used in sake brewery had a unique smell. After the starches are broken down by the koji mould, it has a similar smell to natto (fermented soybea…

Mujin LOGO : the hidden meaning

"What’s in a name?", Shakespeare wrote in his famous "Romeo and Juliet". As you remember, the entire play is based on this statement, and all main characters are trying to say that there is no difference. Well, there is a difference, each name has a meaning. 
Same for the company's name, we call it "branding". It is a very important to know what was the intent when founders decided how to name the company.
"I didn’t want a robot arm in the logo", Mujin CTO and logo creator, Rosen Diankov, said. “Robotics has nothing to do with making the robot hardware".

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see our orange/red/grey logo? It is obvious that the "M" in the logo stands for Mujin, but few of us know about the deeper meaning behind it. 
First, the meaning of "mujin". 無人 means unmanned, no people. Isn't it the best way to describe what this company is actually doing? In our logo it is written “Mujin…

Recommended book for young people

Have you ever think how people become successful? Do they have dreams? How these dreams become true?
Mujin is a place where we witness the clashes between advanced robotics technologies and real-world needs and where our software engineering practices must come face-to-face with these issues. To achieve it, first, it's better to understand what does the artificial intelligence mean.
Daily Industrial Newspaper (日刊工業新聞) posted an article where famous entrepreneurs recommended books for young people. One of the book was recommended by Mujin CTO Rosen Diankov. Dr. Rosen Diankov
"We are at an age where AI is necessary for any type of job. Being influenced by this buzzword, we feel that great things will happen by utilizing AI. However, we are unable to make decisions without the correct information. 
Both successful and unsuccessful events which occurred during the 50 years of AI research history are organized in this book. Written like a novel and easy to understand, it is widely…

Shooting cooperation: Kaiji Final Game

Kaiji is a Japanese manga series which has also been adapted into a film trilogy.The third and final film Kaiji: Final Game was released in January 2020.  Trailer

Why Mujin promotes this movie? Actually, some of the scenes were shot at our office, and you might be able to recognize Mujin logos somewhere. And definitely, Mujin orange color, please find it in the end of the trailer ;) Please find a chance to watch it ! Have fun!

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