Why was Mujin able to realize Intelligent robots?

Mujin is a start-up established 8 years ago will about 100 employees. It makes robots intelligent and realizes automation of manufacturing and logistics. 
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When linking Mujin controllers with robots from various manufacturers, they begin to recognize products’ placements and positions, and automatically generate the most efficient movements. 

We’d like to explain why Mujin was able to realize this product and the secret behind how it came this far. 

1.Mujin’s founders and the team

The first reason that Mujin’s products were realized is, of course, because CTO Rosen and CEO Issei, the co-founders of Mujin, were there.

Rosen is an American born in Bulgaria. He learned computer science and AI in high school and graduated UC Berkeley at the top of his class. He then earned his PhD at Carnegie Mellon University and experienced postdoc at the University of Tokyo. Called the guru of “motion planning AI”, Rosen’s technological skills are the core of Mujin products.

In addition, CEO Issei is very familiar with the circumstances at the scene.  Formerly the top technology salesman at a manufacturing company (ISCAR, a cutting tool manufacturer in Israel), Issei often went to the scene and felt the needs and actual circumstances there.

Even if we had the best technology, if it isn’t used to solve problems at the scene, it won’t be for the customers.

When the pair’s knowledge and technology combined, “intelligent robots”, said to be impossible to utilize, began to take shape. At Mujin, not only founders but also talented engineers, sales and corporate members gather from over 15 countries! Because our company has less than 100 members, each person’s power is treasured.

2. Understanding the real situation of customer sites

Mujin was able to come this far not only because of the founders’ and employees’ technology and knowledge. A major factor is to understand the actual scene.
In the world of robots, because there is hardware involved, there is a large gap between the theory and the actual scene. Even if something was possible based on calculations and demonstrations, it is usually unsuccessful at the customers’ scenes.

Everything is based on the scene. At Mujin, the top members from all over the world are gathered, but everyone has this persistent attitude. First, you understand the actual circumstances by taking a look at the scene and grasping the current situation. Engineers visit the scene many times when both installing and after operating. Even CTO Rosen is often stationed at our clients’. This is why we are able to provide a solution linked to the actual circumstances.

3. Great partners

Another strong factor of Mujin is that it is blessed with wonderful partner companies. For example, ASKUL, a major company, who believed in Mujin when it was just a small start-up at its establishment era, and supported us.
If we weren’t able to partner up with these great companies, Mujin would not be what it is today. We think because we believed in our technology and solutions and moved forward, we were able to meet partner companies who had the same goals. We will continue to aim forward, never forgetting the feeling of gratitude.

Because all these factors were gathered here, we were able to realize automation in the logistics and manufacturing scene. People of various nationalities, ages and backgrounds compose us. We will continue to challenge ourselves to solve the lack of workforce!

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