Robotics is the future

Will robots change our lives in the future?
It's a funny question to ask when they're already changing our lives now in so many ways and they have been for years. From the first time I saw a subway  driving by itself, I've accepted that machines can be trusted to do casual things for us. Robotics are no longer a subject of science fiction novels, movies, and TV shows.
And here, in Mujin, we have a chance to be in the front-line for the future changes!
When was your last time you purchase something online? Me, this weekend, I have automatic water delivery. Very convenient because it’s same price as at the shop, choice is much bigger, and the delivery is coming right to your apartment which is very important for women and disabled persons.
The future is already here, and in Mujin we continually making it happen. For example, to get your delivery on the next morning cannot be possible without automation. And here Mujin solutions step in. Mujin is the only company offering a wide range of robot automation applications for piece-shipping centers such as mail order and EC industries, extending from vehicle/container devanning in upstream warehouse logistics, to midstream piece picking and downstream palletizing.
The best thing is that this is not a future, it is already our reality. The world’s first fully-automated Shanghai warehouse was built in January of 2018. 40,000-square-meter facility would usually employ around 500 workers, but that number is cut down to just five (machines support) because of Mujin automated system solutions. Mujin realized the latest automation technology according to's requests with short delivery time. The robots which are powered by Mujin controllers can process around 200,000 packages per day.

Source: MUJINお客様事例《 完全無人倉庫》
In the EC industry, demand for everyday items is increasing, and orders surge through in enormous quantities 24 hours a day. With Mujin Solutions, logistics centers that can operate continuously are being realized.

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