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It's that spooky time of year - Halloween!

What are Doraemon, Pikachu and Red Skull all doing in the same office?

They are enjoying workplace Halloween celebrations which gives employees an opportunity to defuse tension, take a well-earned break, and have some fun at work with co-workers!
The most important part of Halloween celebrations is not the specific events associated with the holiday, but the atmosphere of playfulness which inspires in workplaces.
And we all enjoyed it!

(And guess who is in Minion.... It was Issei - our CEO!)

Day 1 : Each Person is Valuable

Every person in Mujin family plays a vital role and is directly responsible for the company’s success.
As we continue to grow our team, it’s our goal to not only find people who will add to our culture, but also ensure that they are set up for a successful wellbeing at Mujin for the long term.

Our onboarding process starts before someone even gets a job offer. We make every potential candidate feel welcomed from the first knock to Mujin doors. Finding candidates who have the right skills and who are also great culture is a very difficult job made by our professional recruiting team.
Once an offer accepted, Mujin HR team reaches out before the first day to provide a rundown of Day 1 to ensure new employees know what to expect and not be nervous. Coming into an office like ours is like entering into a family, and we want every new person coming in feels a part of it. Mainly, on the Day 1 HR team sits down with newcomers to go over Mujin’s history, people and processes that make M…

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