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News Release: Accenture and Mujin Collaborate to Help Clients Accelerate Digital Transformation in the Logistics Industry

Mujin and Accenture have announced to work together to deliver end-to-end intelligent service in the logistics industry.

For details, please read the news release below.

The important thing is “wanting to make a company better” from the bottom of your heart

This is the first article of the Mujin employee interview series, "Mujinian voice"! I would like to introduce Kotomi from HR team today. 
Surprisingly, she entered Mujin this March and is only in her third month here. However, with her sweet smile and kindness to each and every employee, she is already an indispensable member of Mujin, at a sisterly position helping everyone.

We asked Kotomi “What she does as a member of the HR team”, “ Why she entered Mujin”, “What she feels working at Mujin”, and many more! ーーWhat kind of job do you do as a member of the HR team?  Mujin is a rapidly growing venture, and because of this it is necessary to improve the company’s systems reflecting the changes which occur inside the company.  I design and operate the company’s systems for our employees to work according to their strengths and in a comfortable environment.  Furthermore, half of Mujin’s employees are of foreign nationality. Life support, such as arranging visas and checking up …

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