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Mujin completes MBO from UTEC led by two founders and secures 7.5 billion yen in financing

Mujin, Inc. completed its MBO, management buyout*, on February 14, 2019, led by the company’s two founders, Issei Takino and Rosen Diankov, who acquired the entire equity stake in Mujin held by The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Co., Ltd. ,“UTEC”. In a separate transaction, on February 13, 2019, Mujin secured ¥ 7.5 billion in financing in the form of a special overdraft agreement with Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation ,“SMBC”. *Management Buyout (MBO) is an M&A method used by the management of a company to take management control of the company by buying some or all of the outstanding shares of the company.
<MBO by the founders> The Mujin management team has long believed that having a decision-making structure with long-term perspectives is critical in creating successful robotics technologies for industries around the world. For this reason, the team has been exploring ways for creating a secure and solid management structure. UTEC, in support of this vision, agreed to se…

Cooking class by our chef

We had a cooking class at our office, and our chef taught us how to make delicious sweets!

Mujin employees and their families were invited, and we all enjoyed cooking and eating together!
We are lucky to have a professional French chef at Mujin, who makes delicious lunch and even teaches us to cook nice dishes.

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