Forbes: Japan is developing the smart platforms to take the complexity out of logistics

Mujin was selected by the Government of Japan as one of the companies representing the country that provide excellent technology and solutions, and it has been published on Forbes.
"Mujin, an intelligent robot controller provider, has set out to combine a robot’s tireless precision with a human’s ability to observe and understand their surroundings."
Check it out! Japan Is Developing The Smart Platforms To Take The Complexity Out Of Logistics Source: JAPAN BRANDVOICE

Mujin new office - the place where innovation is born

We are happy to announce that the Mujin team has moved to a new location with a bigger office space! Mujin has an interesting time now. Business is growing, the team is expanding, and new challenges make us feel excited. Like most founders of fast-growing startups, Mujin founders spent a lot of time worrying about office space. We moved several times for these 9 years, growing fast and successful.
When the Mujin office moved into our previous large office close to the Tokyo Skytree in 2017, everyone thought that we had enough room for growth. Our engineering department provided new solutions day by day and required more and more robots to be inside the office and we just needed more and more desks for newcomers.  Two years later, our founders decided to move again, but this time to an office 8.5 times bigger, where everyone will have enough space for creativity and productivity. Mujin relocated its headquarters to a more spacious, state-of-the-art facility in Autumn 2019. We have alr…

Mujin media coverage: 1 article per day

Mujin, Inc. is broadly covered by the media, every day we have an article about us. It could be Japanese or foreign media, website, or paper journal, so we can promptly say that Mujin is famous all around the globe! 
Some of the media with articles about Mujin
The total number of media published last year is 457
Here you are some of it:
selected as one of the representing innovations in Japan by the Prime Minister's Office of Japanranked top in the fundraising amount ranking of the first half of 2019 by Nikkei Business Dailybroadcasted on World Business Satellite on TV Tokyo (Japanese), created a manga about Mujin founders, and was so popular that it was translated to English and broadcasted on "Channel Japan" on CNBC Asiahighlighted the global partnership with FAST RETAILING (UNIQLO) by Financial TimesYou can find some of those publications here.
Mujin is a company that creates valuable solutions to the problems of society, that's why so many media is talking about us.…

Mujin marks it's 9th anniversary!

Mujin marks it's 9th anniversary on July 6th, 2020!
It's a very special day. Exactly 9 years ago Rosen and Issei established Mujin (check more about Mujin Story). Mujin has the best and extraordinary employees with equally high aspirations and dreams. They have worked against all the odds that occurred in these 9 years to make what seemed impossible, possible.  Congratulations Mujin team for all your efforts and accomplishments!
Mujin family 2019/2020
Mujin continues to provide technological innovations for greater operational efficiency in logistics centers and factories by automating their processes,  and looking after our most important assets – our employees.  Mujin has grown into a company of more than 100 members! The success of our company is built on the efforts of our employees and in this past year, we have enjoyed many successes. Thank you for the dedication that each one of you has shown us.
Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances, this year Mujin will not have …

Bloomberg: Japan Is Figuring Out How to Deliver Goods Untouched by Humans

Mujin's comment was introduced on Bloomberg.
Japan Is Figuring Out How to Deliver Goods Untouched by Humans

"Mujin Inc., a company that makes industrial robot controllers, said there’s booming interest for its solutions. Logistics automation is now seen as a way to prepare for emergency."

Because of the recent social conditions, the demand for logistics automation is rapidly increasing. Automation is not only considered in terms of cost effectiveness, but also of "preparation of emergency" for business continuity even when people cannot come to work.

Good coffee at the workplace - it's possible with Mujin!

For many people, coffee is a significant part of their lives. This has become very popular with many people liking the convenience it provides. Being able to buy a coffee and then drink it on the go from a fresh clean cup is an amazing feeling. But how to get coffee during the working hours? Just serve the best coffee to employees!
Mujin employees
At Mujin we provide brewed fresh coffee whenever our employees or guests want it. This coffee culture was born together with the Mujin birth. Mujin CTO, Rosen, brought this culture to life. We are serving not just coffee but "the best" coffee, which is reflecting one of the Mujin culture, "Pursue the Highest Quality."
Rosen is a true coffee lover. He always starts his day with black coffee made in a Mujin way upgraded coffee machine. This machine (currently we two) we called internally “Rosen’s child”. It is a fancy fully automatic coffee machine “Jura” filled with high-quality fresh coffee beans. It guarantees the perfec…

Mujin CEO, Issei, was a special lecturer at the University of Tokyo

Issei was a special lecturer at a class called "Entrepreneur Dojo" at the University of Tokyo (Todai), where students could learn more about entrepreneurship and startups. The lecture was done online due to COVID-19. 
Based on the experience of running his own company, Issei talked to more than 400 students about the history of starting a business and how to make a strategy. 
The importance of company management1. A sense of stabilityThere are always risks associated with new businesses. A common cause of a venture’s failure is the failure of the relationships between founders. When Issei agreed to start a business together with Rosen, the co-founder of Mujin, instead of thinking "Rosen will succeed", Issei was confident that "If Rosen fails, he is strong enough to start from the beginning"  (Mujin Story: Meet Mujin founders). 
Although they sometimes fight, the two founders of Mujin can proceed business without worry as they have to trust each other. 
Mujin …

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